Our team has spent six years studying the financial aid process. Working with politicians, parents, college access organizations, corporations, leasing agencies, foster-care organizations, Hispanic oriented organizations, black oriented organizations, counseling services, Student Support services, organizations geared towards helping low-income families, and we have sat down with over 150 middle class families about the financial aid process. In total we have done over 2500 interviews about the college financial aid process and how we could fix it. 

Our Team

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Bryon Pierson - CEO, Cofounder

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, '18 B.S., Political Science

Bryon was Emancipated at age 15, proceeded self-fund college, accumulating $50K in student debt

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Arron Zheng - Cofounder, Developer

Washington University in St. Louis, '22 B.S., Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Arron has experience in business development, specifically with Lansing Sales & Marketing.

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Cameron Sumpter - CTO

Virginia Tech '15 B.S., Business Information Technology

Cameron is a serial engineer with prior tech startup experience, as well as previous employment with three Fortune 500 companies.

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Wesley Butler - Developer

Wesley is a serial engineer with diverse experience across several tech startups in project management capacities.

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Will Wang - developer

Washington University in St. Louis, '22 B.S., Computer Science

Will is helping the company on the technology side, bringing a passion for coding and transforming technology into something of tangible value.

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Krishna Karur - developer

B.S., Computer Science and Business Administration

Krisha previously worked for one of our competitors, MoneyThink.

Our Advisors

greg taylor

Greg Taylor

Former Vice President of Operations, Fontbonne University

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Joshua Walehwa

Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment, George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis

Marie Thorton

Former Admissions Officer, Ranken Technical Institute

Lisa Brougham

Former School Counselor, Saint Louis Public Schools

Susan McLaughlin

Former VP of Marketing, Spectrum

Mike Bynum

Accelerator Coordinator, Stadia Ventures