We turn the financial aid nightmare into a quick and simple process. Are you looking for financial aid for college? Are you looking for free money? We can get you through the maze – whether you are a student, parent, college access organization, admission officer, or college financial aid officer.

The Solution

EduRAIN provides you with a one-stop software to apply for financial aid, scholarships, grants and off-campus housing. We did all the hard work. All you have to do is use our App to click your way into an extremely accessible financial aid process. 

what we offer


File your FAFSA for free in five minutes on our easy-to-use platform


Simply upload a picture of your taxes and answer a few questions. We'll handle the rest


Find scholarships through our extensive database of scholarship partners


Discover the variety of scholarships you qualify for and apply with our AI-assisted writing program


Fund off-campus housing assistance


Get free credit building through our Housing program

Our Team

We look just like you. We recently experienced the pain of applying for college.

We are here to help.

Sabree Blackmon

CTO, Developer

Arron Zheng

Co founder, Developer

Krishna Kurar

Business Development

Will Wang


Our Advisors

Our advisors range from Industry Experts to Admissions Directors. We’re always looking for accomplished members to join our Board!

Greg Taylor

Former Vice President Operations Fontbonne university

Joshua Walehwa

Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment, Brown School Washington university Saint Louis

Marie Thorton

Former Admissions Officer Ranken Technical College

Lisa Brougham

Former School Counselor Saint Louis Public School District

Susan McLaughlin

Former VP of Marketing at Charter

Mike Bynum

Accelerator Coordinator Stadia Ventures