We offer three different services that help students and parents navigate the difficult college financial landscape with ease and let students thrive.


Students can file the FAFSA (at no charge) in under 5 minutes versus an average of 45 minutes by answering a few questions and uploading photos of their tax forms. Students can also upload the award letters they receive, at which time colleges can leverage the software to gain easy access to the financial aid packages which other colleges are offering in order to make competitive offers to the students. We advocate for the student with the financial aid office to get more money for school.


Students will have a much quicker and more complete view of scholarship options with the integration of 50,000 scholarships into a single database. Our software will help students write the required scholarship essays better by analyzing their writing abilities and offering feedback, which will increase the probability of successfully securing a scholarship. The software includes Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Students are given access to a credit advance marketplace which helps them gain access to the most affordable off-campus housing. Through partnerships with credit card companies, we will be able to fund students’ housing using their own financial aid package.