Because funding a college education shouldn't be too hard.

Why we do this

Our Founder and CEO, Bryon Pierson, was emancipated at age fifteen, proceeded to self-fund his college career, and accumulated over $60,000 in student debt. Empowered to create actionable change, Bryon and the team have spent six years studying the financial aid process. Working with politicians, parents, college access organizations, corporations, leasing agencies, foster-care organizations, Hispanic-oriented organizations, Black-oriented organizations, counseling services, Student Support services, organizations geared towards helping low-income families, and more, we recognize the many inefficiencies in higher education and hope to help students, parents, and colleges alike reap the benefits of our services.

Our promise to you

Through empowering students to file their FAFSA, gain access to more scholarships, and facilitate a smooth and smart off-campus housing transition, EDUrain helps students reach their full potential. Because funding a college education shouldn’t be so hard.


Team member picture

Bryon Pierson - CEO, Co-founder

Data Analyst (Boys Hope Girls Hope), STL Regional Chamber Diverse Business Accelerator, 2nd time founder

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Arron Zheng - Developer, Co-founder

Washington Univerity in STL, 2022 B.S. Computer Science and Electical Engineering, 2nd time founder

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Tommy Dong - Frontend Developer, Co-founder

Missouri S&T 2021 B.S. Computer Science


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Susan McLaughlin

Former VP of Marketing to Charter Communications

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Greg Taylor

Former Vice President of Operations, Fontbonne University

Team member picture

Aaron Burcell

Former VP Growth at Goldman Sachs

Team member picture

Marie Thorton

Former Admissions Officer at Ranken Technical College

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Sabree Blackmon - Technical Advisor

Univ. of Colorado M.S., 10 yrs of Dev Ops. DOD experience, AI/Machine Learning Expert, 2nd time founder

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Rosita Lewis

Former Trio Support Services at St. Louis Community College

Team member picture

Jennifer Bardot

Asst. VP Business Banking at Enterprise Bank & Trust

Team member picture

Al Nolan

Solution Architect at Bottle Rocket